Can You Treat Ringworm With Lemon Juice?

Many treatment methods had already been developed for treating ringworm.  Many of them had also been found to be very helpful. In fact, they are more useful for the treatment in comparison with many of the systemic treatment methods that can be applied to the skin problem. In many cases, these systemic treatment methods may not show positive result until after about three or four weeks. The case is different when you make use of natural treatment methods. The later can show positive result and get rid of the ringworm within a period of one week.

Lemon juice can be useful

Have you heard of the possibility of using lemon juice for treating ringworm and you are wondering if this is truly possible? To be sincere with you, the use of lemon juice can be very effective against this skin infection. It is also very simple to apply. Lemon juice had been widely used for treating this skin infection and it had been giving very reliable results. In fact, you will be able to get rid of the skin infection within a period of five days of consistent application. The lemon juice has a drying effect on the ringworm and the later will never reoccur on your skin again.

The technical side of things

Lemon juice is not just useful without a reason. It contains citric acid as its most active ingredient. Citric acid is the exact substance that works on the ringworm and dries it up. When citric acid comes in contact with the surface of the infection, the acidic nature of this substance will begin to act on the skin infection. The pH of the area will increase. The causative organism for this skin infection can’t survive in the acidic condition and it will begin to give up the fight.  The acid will kill the fungi causing ringworm permanently.

Simple application

All you need to get is a lemon fruit. Cut the fruit transversely and rub the acidic juice into the part of the skin that is affected by the ringworm. Carry this out twice in a day and continue with the process for up to five or six days. In order to ensure complete removal of the fungi, continue with the application of the lemon juice for a number of days after the place had been healed. This will ensure that the ringworm will never reoccur on that part of you body.


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