Cure For Ringworm

Ringworm is a medical condition caused by fungal infections of the skin in humans.  The term ringworm is a misnomer since the condition is not caused by a worm rather by fungi of different species. These fungi thrive on moist and warm places but may also survive directly on the outsides of hair shafts or in their interiors. The fungi that cause ringworm feeds on the substance called keratin, the element found in the outer layer of skin, hair and nails.

How do you cure ringworm?

Getting rid of ringworm is not a big task; it’s the itching and irritating nature of the skin disorder that’s difficult to deal with. Most cases of ringworm infections can be cured using over the counter antifungal medicine, creams, sprays and gels. Apply the antifungal cream, gel or spray daily to the affected areas of skin for a period of two weeks. The cream, gel or spray should be applied over the rash and to one inch of skin beyond the edge of the rash. Always read the manufactures instructions before applying.

Some types of ringworms like the ones found on the scalp can be treated with antifungal shampoo to keep the area dry and clean. Oral medications can also be taken especially when ringworms are on the nails. Other medications for cure of ringworms include application of ointments.
Apart from these medications, natural remedies can also be a great way of curing ringworm infections. Natural as well as herbal medications may sometimes be fast-acting remedies. They have the advantage of being safe to use because they do not have any side effects unlike prescriptive drugs, which may result to adverse side effects. Natural ingredients may include turmeric, papaya, tea tree oil, garlic, etc. All these natural herbs have healing and antifungal effect which can help fight ringworm with a short span of time.

For severe ringworm infections, your doctor may suggest a surgical procedure. The surgical procedure will drain off excess fluid from infected areas to cure the ailment.

Prevention is better than cure; you may want to prevent getting ringworm infections by avoiding contact with infected areas. As ringworms are highly infectious, avoid touching contaminated areas or you may get infected. Surfaces that are infected also may pass on ringworm to others who may touch it. Wash your hands and body more often than usual and wash your clothing and bed linen separately from your other family members or housemates.


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