How to Treat Ringworm Naturally?

Ringworm is a kind of fungus infection which can affect a person’s feet, scalp, body and even the nails. It is a contagious disease and can easily spread from one person to the other. The fungus group, which can cause this disease, is known as Dermatophytes. The symptoms of ringworm include itchiness, red, scaly patches etc. Ringworm can be treated by many over the counter drugs and medications. Alternately, people can also opt for natural treatment for this skin disease. The natural treatment is done through remedies which do not have any side effects and they are quite affordable as well. However, the total time needed for the treatment or the cure may be comparatively higher.

There are few home remedies, which can help you to treat ringworm naturally, they are :-

1) Mustard seeds – they are most effective remedy for this skin condition. You need to make a paste of around 100 Gms of master seeds and then apply the paste on the area affected by the ring worm. The paste should be allowed to dry on the area.

2) Raw Papaya – take some slices of raw papaya and apply them on the affected area, two times every day. The raw papaya has natural chemicals which can kill the fungus and cure the ringworm.

3) Raw Turmeric – use the juicer to extract the juice of 4 cloves of raw turmeric and apply the same on the affected are, with the help of a clean piece of cloth. You can also add a tablespoon of honey to this juice and consume it twice a day. This will help in killing the fungus and eventually, getting rid of the ringworm. It is a very effective oral treatment for this disease.

4) Coconut oil – applying coconut oil on the ringworm affected part of your body will not only help to cure the disease, but it will also help in preventing any sort of itching.

5) Castor oil – if the ringworm has appeared on the scalp, then using castor oil will be very helpful. You will need to slightly massage the scalp with the castor oil.


The natural remedies will only be affected if the person suffering from ringworm takes necessary precautions. You must not expose the affected area to any clothes which can rub against it. Besides, the area should be kept dry and clean, and you should drink adequate amount of water.



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