Remedies For Ringworm

There are several methods that you can make use of to treat ringworm. In fact, many of the methods we have around do not require the help of any medical expert. This is to say that you can get yourself treated at home without ever paying any visit to the hospital. At least, you can make some savings while you are treating the infection. Through this write up, you will learn about one or two natural methods that can be sued in the treatment of ringworm.

Lay your hands on some alcohol and iodine. Make a mixture out of the two. Get some cotton wool and dip it into the mixture. Use the soaked cotton wool to clean the area affected by the ringworm. After this initial cleaning, get Clorox and use it to clean the surface again. This will sting you considerably. Make sure you do not touch the surface of the cleaned ringworm until the cleaning solution on it had dried up. In order to quicken the drying process, you can expose the area to the air; if possible, under a fan.

The next step involves the application of nail polish to the spot of the ringworm. This must not be done until the solution earlier applied had dried up.  After the application of the nail polish on the area, allow it to dry before you take any further step.   The next step involves the addition of baby powder on the ringworm infected area. This addition should be done continuously; if possible, continue for the next two days.

After about two days, you can remove everything that you have applied to the surface of the ringworm; the nail polish, the baby powder and every other applied thing. After this, repeat the process all over again starting with the cleaning with a solution of alcohol and iodine. While removing the nail polish, you are sure to get some stingy feeling. As you did earlier, allow the applied stuffs to stay put for two more days. Get them removed also as you did earlier.

By the time you have removed the nail polish and other things, the ringworm would have disappeared from your skin.  But the skin may appear raw after all the former applications. In order to put an end to the raw feeling, you can apply Neosporin and some skin lotions directly on the area.


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