Ringworm Natural Home Remedies

Ringworm has a ring like appearance and this is what brought about its name. It had been known from times past and it was mistaken in those days to be caused by worms. This is exactly why it was called ringworm. But recent findings have shown that the skin condition has nothing to do with worms. It had been discovered that ringworm is caused by a fungus. The name of the fungus is tinea. Tinea has different strains and each of the strains cause different forms of ringworm.  Ringworm has reddish bumps growing on it. The ring formed by the skin condition is usually small initially. But if it is left untreated, it tends to spread and the ring will grow wider.

Treatment methods

There are several ways to get rid of ringworm from your skin. You can decide to visit the hospital, where you will be given some specific therapies to treat the skin condition. Hospital treatment is considerably expensive and because of this, many individuals may to be inclined to seek this form of treatment. In case you do not have the money to spend at the hospital, you can always get rid of the skin condition right at home. There are some simple home remedies that can be implemented on the skin condition and you can rely on the home treatment methods to give you the needed healing.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil had been implicated to be useful in treating several types of in conditions. It had also been discovered to be useful against ringworm. This treatment method is very simple to apply. You only need to add the oil to the surface of the ringworm and you can be sure of positive result in a matter of days.    Before you apply the tea tree oil to the surface of the ringworm, endeavor to clean the surface using emery board.

Apple cidar vinegar

This solution too is very helpful in treating the skin condition. It is not very difficult to carry out in the least. You only need to apply the apple cidar vinegar just as you apply the tea tree oil mentioned above. Already prepared solution of apple cidar vinegar can be obtained over the counter. In case you can’t get the already prepared solution, you can lay your hands on the different components of the solution and get it prepared on your own.


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