Ringworm Pictures

Ringworm is not an uncommon skin condition. Check the head and body of many individuals out there and you will be surprised that they have ringworm. Ringworm can come up on both male and female alike. They can also affect any age; irrespective of how old or young the individuals may be. There are lots of confusion as regards the name of this skin condition. Because of the name, many individuals think the skin condition is caused by a worm. But in real sense of it, ringworm is caused by a fungus. The name was given to it in times when much research had not been conducted on the skin condition and scientists thought it was caused by worms.

Ringworm pictures show the skin condition having a ring-like appearance. It also has this scaly look on the parts of the skin that are affected. Aside this, the skin area looks rather dry and it can be itchy at times. If you ever make the mistake to scratch it, bleeding may ensue. Bleeding ringworm can also be very complicated to treat.  When ringworm shows up on your skin, it has a way of eating up the hairs around the area it is coming up. The place will look rather smooth and dry. Initially, the ring structure formed by ringworm is usually small; this is at the early stage of the skin condition. But if the skin condition is left untreated on the skin, it tends to increase in size and the area it covers enlarges.

Appearance of ringworm on the skin of pets is the same with what is noticed on human subjects. This is not surprising; considering the facts that pets can actually transfer the skin condition unto humans.  Anyone who loves to hug pets may therefore find him or herself dealing with ringworm before long. You therefore need to ensure that the pet does not have ringworm or any transmissible skin condition before you get too close.


When you notice ringworm on you, you should not hesitate at all. Try to get the thing treated on time. The earlier you get rid of your ringworm the better for you. There are various home treatment methods that can be implemented to get rid of the skin condition. You can also make use of some topical creams for the purpose. Any topical cream to be used must contain moisturizer. This will help to quicken the rate at which the skin condition is cured.


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