Ringworm Scar

People who suffer from ringworm often find that it leaves behind a scar affecting the beauty and looks of a person. Often it becomes difficult to get rid of this scar and it may not even go away on its own. Hence, people have to try different methods to remove the scar and sometimes, they would even need to opt for a cosmetic surgery to remove it. Hence, it is better to prevent the scar from happening, so that one does not have to go through any trouble after the ringworm is cured. This article will explain certain ways through which ringworm scars can be prevented as well as treated.


Step 1) Detect the disease as early as possible and get it treated. If you notice any itchy and red patches anywhere in your body, then consult the doctor immediately to determine if it is ringworm. When it is detected at the earliest, it is easier to treat as well. Besides, early treatment will also prevent the diseases from spreading to other parts of the body.

Step 2) If you are suffering from severe case of ringworm (symptoms include large red patches and excessive itching sensation), do not try home remedies and directly consult the dermatologist as it will prevent any scar from occurring in your body.

Step 3) Do not repeatedly scratch the area which has been infected. If you do so, you will be bound to get a scar on that area. Scratching will facilitate the spreading of the disease to other parts of the body and it will also damage your skin. Hence, scratching should be avoided at all cost. You can apply coconut oil on the affected area to control the itching sensation.

Removing the Scars

Step 1) If the scar is very mild then micro deramabrasion can be used to remove it. A dermatologist can gently remove the layer of the skin (surface) where the scar is visible. This treatment will remove the scar and your skin will feel smooth again.

Step 2) If the scar is a little deeper, you can apply lemon juice on the scar on a regular basis. This will lighten the scar over a period of time. You can also mix baking soda with water any apply on the scar for the same result

Step 3) You can consult your dermatologist for various scar removing ointments, which can remove the scar in a short period of time.


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