What Does Ringworm Look Like?

Ringworm is a skin infection that causes red rings. Diagnostically it is a highly contagious fungus, which grows well in moist areas of the body, face, scalp and hands. Normally it appears as a circle with red edges which at times can have small blisters formed on the infected skin.

Ringworm symptoms and what they look like depends on the area infected: infections on the face are not circular and appear as a scaly patch of skin with irregular shape. Infections on the feet and in between the fingers of the hands appear as thick, hardened skin. Areas of the body with hair membranes such as the beard region, armpits but not the head will normally just experience itching. However, ringworms do not appear in areas where there is a lot of sweat like the groins and wet armpits.

A person diagnosed with ringworms need not to worry as it’s just a fungus infection that only affects the outer skin and does not go under the skin to the other parts of the body. Moreover, ringworm is a common infection that affects every human at one time or another in their lifetime.

Ringworms are highly contagious and can be transmitted as easily as just touching infected areas on somebody’s skin. Coming into contact with beddings, toiletries or even sharing clothes with persons with ringworm infection may lead to transmission of the highly contagious fungus disease. Direct contact with infected cats and dogs can also lead to infection of the ringworm fungus. Contact with other people is discouraged as this disease is highly contagious and can spread to very many people within a very short period of time.

Hygiene is crucial when it comes to managing and preventing the spread of the contagious fungus. Sharing of personal effects such as towels, beddings, clothing and other toiletries that may easily facilitate the spread of the fungus should be very much discouraged. However, in case of an infection one should consult a physician immediately rather than trying home based medication as most people do. Still there are several antibiotics than can be effective for the treatment of ringworm fungus. However this should also be prescribed by physician after thorough check has been done on the patient. Ringworms should never be left without treatment as they continue to reproduce and multiply in the body spreading to other parts of the body which had not been previously infected.


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